onsdag 3 februari 2010

Just a little ruffled scarf

This is an easy instruction of knitting my ruffled scarf. First you must knit a swatch to see your gauge. It’s important because if you don’t you can’t know how many stitches you need. Easy peasy =)
If you have 22 stitches/4 inch or 10 cm, you can decide how many stitches you must cast on for a scarf in just that particular length you want. Let’s see. You want your scarf to be 60 inches long and you have 5,5 st/inch. Then you have to cast on 330 stitches. Make garter stitch in 4 or 5 rows, depending on what yarn you use. You decide.

Then knit in stockinet and make short rows to make a curve at one side. Here is a clip from you tube on short rows:

Knit until 15 stitches left on one needle and then turn, knit until there is the same number of stitches on the other side and turn again. Then you make short rows a couple of times and turn about 10 stitches before last turn every time. Knit like this until your scarf has just the width you want.
Now you knit stockinet over all stitches a couple of times and when you reach the turning stitches you pick up the turning thread with the stitch just to be knit.
When you have knitted all stitches you are going to make the ruffle. Knit both front and back of every stitch. (kfb) and you double the number of stitches. Knit 1 row and then knit increase row, *1 st, kfb*
Now is your scarf nearly finished, just knit stockinet a few rows until your ruffle is like you want.
If it’s not clear please ask!

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